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48665 Structural Drive, Chesterfield Township, MI 48051-2666

Knight Carbide’s Equipment List

haas control panel
Stahle top and bottom grinder
wendt WAM periphery grinder
Machine BuilderYear Built# MachsDescription
Stahli20211DLM 605 top and bottom grinder
Wendt2001-20033WAM Eco CNC periphery grinders
Wendt20011WAM 705 Robot loaded CNC periphery and T land grinder
Wendt20101WAM Alpha CNC periphery grinders
Ewag20161Ewamatic compact line end form grinder
Ewag19991Ewamatic CNC 4 axis end form grinders
Wendt Haas20061Multigrind AF90 5 axis CNC profile grinder
Wendt Haas20081Multigrind AF 92 5 axis CNC profile grinder with robot
Haas201615 axis mill configured for grinding carbide
Profiltec20011FSM150 4 axis CNC profile grinder
Gerber20012BPM5 Polish and edge hone machine
Sinjet19901Dry brush edge hone machine
Harig20011EZ Surf CNC creeep feed grinder
Okomoto20121Okamoto ACC 12.24 DX
Okamoto200128*24 hydraulic surface grinder
KENT201011230 AHD 8*30 hydraulic surface grinder
Blanchard1965230" chuck rotary surface grinder
Harig2001166*12 surface grinders
Reed198536*12 surface grinders
Bridgeport20011Bridgeport mill
Misc19902Misc mill
General Diamond20051Optical image diamond wheel dresser
Starrett20077PH 350 optical comparator
OGP20012OGP comparator
Ram Optical20011Ram optical vision inspection
Keyence20151PM1010 video inspection machine
Keyence201813d microscope
Starrett20011HF 600 24 " comparator
Scherr Tomico1990130" Comparator
Ebbco20016Coolant filter
Ebbco20012Coolant Chiller
Beamer20121FB22-20watt laser marker
Blue Wave20011Ultrasonic cleaner Omni 2000
Dell202112Dell PCs
Misc202110Other PCs
IBM20122IBM server